Sunday, March 11, 2012

For My Beautiful Wife

For My Beautiful Wife

It was a month ago my darling, you had to leave me here
A call came down from heaven, they wanted you my dear
I’m sure your soul gazed upon me, gently touched my sleeping brow
You knew you had to leave me, you’re Gods Angel now

I lay so close beside you, but never was aware
Lest I wrap my arms around you, to try and keep you there
My life, my love, my one true friend, forever I did vow
Thou my heart is torn in pieces, you’re Gods Angel now

My days are filled with sorry; you’re always on my mind
No life in view without you, just agony I do find
To have you back for just one night, I wish that I knew how
I dream in vain with so much pain, you’re Gods Angel now

If I could cross the void between us and whisper just one thing
I’d say my love’s eternal and forever will I cling
To a love so true and lasting, so few will ever know
You’ll always be My Angel, above and here below.

I love you my beautiful Betty Sue

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