Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thought I'd Share A Poem About My Heritage

The Seeds of Appalachia
D.R. Mayes

Oh the seeds of Appalachia, may you fall on fertile ground
And share this world the beauty, of the ancient mountain sound
Of faith in God and hand to plow, your children straight and true
Where ever life may take you, the seed is still in you

Oh mountain high and valley low, and holler in between
The beauty of Gods most precious work, so few have ever seen
Of mountain mist the forest thick, and ridge toward the stars
Instills in you a peace and grace, no matter where you are

Oh pristine pine and mighty oak, long decades do you toil
With roots so deep and anchored firm, in gracious mountain soil
Just like them we stand so proud, a heritage rich and strong
Our branches spread beyond our own, but always we belong


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